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5th generation ranchers selling farm to table Black Angus beef from our ranch in Fairmont, Montana

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Why Montana Made Meats?

Food you can trust

* You can buy direct from the rancher

* We ranch as a family and cattle health is our top priority

* Ranching practices strengthen our farm soil and allows our cattle to graze in wide open Big Sky Country

* You'll get to know where your food comes from and feel secure about the food you put on your table.

Support Your local Rancher

From our farm to your families table.

Beef Bone Broth

What is it?

Bone broth is a rich, nutrient dense broth that comes from bones and water simmering low and slow for many hours. There are several benefits of bone broth. Personally, bone broth is a big part of my family during flu season, but there are several other benefits;

- Skin health
- Gut Health
- Immune System support
-Teeth and Bone Health
- Weight Loss
- Hydration
- Muscle Building - high protein
- Improve Mood
- Healthy Pregnancy
- Improve Sleep


We ordered half a beef and i'm here to tell you...this meat is the real deal. I grew up on a ranch and therefore know what good beef is like. This meat is top of the line meat. The processing is clean and well wrapped. We will be ordering again. Thank you guys so much!!

Araka Zemljack Williams

Has some ground beef and a T-bone steak from MMM. Juicy, flavorful, and fresh! Hailey truly cares to produce an excellent product and happy customers.

Kevin Kmetz

I did not buy a beef, but Hailey gave me some hamburger to try. Hands down the best hamburger I've ever had! My dad already bought 1/2 a beef, but will be buying from Hailey next year. Hailey is very passionate about her meat business, the process, and agriculture as a whole. She is not just out to make a profit, but genuinely wants to provide the best raised beef to those who purchase. Highly recommend!!! 5 stars!

Holly Staley