About Our Family | Montana Angus Beef Raised in Anaconda

Our Story 

As 5th generation farmers and ranchers raised on our family ranch in Fairmont, MT, with an up-and-coming 6th generation, starting this business is a continuation of our heritage. Growing up, my brothers and I would tag along with our dad everyday on the ranch. We would chase cows, drive the tractor, wrestle calves, bottle feed the bums in the winters and several other things that are lasting memories. These times with my Dad remain some of my favorite memories as a kid.  As a mom of two young boys, I hope to instill our families' love and passion for ranching and farming down to them and create more lasting memories along the way. Montana Made Meats is a direct market to consumer beef business. We provide the highest quality beef to our family and to all the families throughout Montana who care about what their families are eating.  We know more and more consumers are becoming interested in locally sourced beef. Consumers are more interested in where their food comes from, how the animals are treated and that the meat is free of hormones and antibiotics. Our animals are raised in open pastures and treated humanely throughout their life.

May 20,1964 - September 12, 2023

My dad unexpectedly passed away In September 2023. The tragic loss has left a hole larger than we ever could've imagined. For me, my dad was and still is the reason that I've always loved the ranch and the lifestyle that it brings. My dad, no matter how busy he was always took the time to make anyone around him feel like they were apart of whatever was going on. He is missed everyday by so many, but will never be forgotten. The legacy that he leaves behind is a lifetime of unconditional love and his love and passion for the ranch. 


Our History 

Hans and Louis Peterson (first generation) settled in the Gregson Valley in 1895. Together they had eight children, one of them being my great grandpa Henry August (second generation). Hans acquired 160 acres of land under the homestead act in the Gregson valley and chose to make it his home, being perhaps the first bonafide rancher in Silver Bow county. On that land, Hans and Louis taught their kids about crops and rural way of life. He wanted to grow a crop that would make the ranch unique and profitable and decided on cabbage. Cabbage would grow in unpredictable conditions and would survive an early frost. Another benefit of cabbage was that it is the main ingredient in sauerkraut, a product that could be sold to the many German immigrants in Butte and Anaconda. Annually, he grew 76,000 heads of cabbage, enough to feed all of Silver Bow county. Hans became known as the "sauerkraut king" throughout Montana. 



       (Hans created the first Sprinkler System for his Sauerkraut patch)
       (Hans and Louise riding on an their motorbike)


      (Hans sitting in front of his sauerkraut field)
      (Harvesting the sauerkraut with a team and wagon)  


Over the years, Henry (second generation), my great grandpa, took over daily operations and realized that cattle ranching would be more profitable than selling cabbage. Henry and his wife, Vera, had 3 boys, Art, Doug, and my grandpa, William Henry (third generation). Henry and his sons, Art and William bought a few cattle and started to grow some hay. William and Art decided they wanted to be ranchers and purchased more land so they could expand the ranch throughout the Gregson valley. They purchased more cattle and over 1,000 sheep, but later decided to only ranch with cattle. William met a local girl, Shirley, and together they had 13 kids (11 girls and 2 boys). My dad, Jay (fourth generation), is one of the boys. 




 (My grandpa, William, in the back, riding on his wagon with the team) 
(My grandpa, William, and my grandma, Shirley (middle) at when they were renting out    horses at Peterson’s Corral for trail rides)

 My dad and his 12 siblings quickly learned the ropes of ranching and farming. They raised cattle, rented out horses and even guided for elk hunting in the mountains behind the ranch. The Peterson Corral rented out horses and took tourist and visitors on trail rides throughout the ranch. My dad and my uncle Hank kept the ranch going and together they have expanded it throughout the years. My dad married my mom, Beth, and together they had me and my two brothers (fifth generation).

(My dad roping a calf at branding back in 1986) 
(My mom with my youngest brother Ty, Justin, My cousin jessie, and I chasing cows) 

Being apart of such a big ranch family has been such a blessing. As kids and still today we would go down to the ranch and stop in to say hello to my grandparent's before going out to help my dad for the day, but not before we had a few of my grandma's cookies. She always had some type of cookie on the table and still does. Today, my brother, Ty is full time on the ranch. Justin is a helicopter pilot in his spare time, but mostly works the ranch now. As a little kid,  I had so many cousins to run around the ranch and play with and today that is being carried on with the sixth generation. 



Justin is a helicopter pilot and fly's occasionally and works the ranch the rest of his time. 
Ty is full time working on the ranch



 (Some of the sixth generation)